Dry Mix Plant

Dry Mix Plant (Mortar/Powder)

The technology of Dry Mix Mortar plays an important role in the development of today‘s construction materials market. These mortars are essential for the aesthetic finishing of a building, thermal insulation and are essential in increasing construction efficiency.

Dry Mix Mortars are construction materials mainly comprising of Cement, Sands and Chemical additives precisely weighed and mixed in a factory. This mix is termed as mortar and is packed in bags. Several types of MORTARS can be formulated in a dry mix plant. Dry mix mortars offer the perfect solution when consistent quality, controlled inventory, time and speed are an important aspect for your project.

BUFFALO Dry Mix Mortar Plant can be designed and customized to meet the customer’s requirement.

We can design the plant to be:-

  • • Low profile type or tower type
  • • Small capacity or high capacity
  • • Basic product or more complex product
  • • Small product range or wide product range
  • • For bagged or bulk supplied products
  • • Minimal automation or full automation